Wednesday, December 3, 2014

October 27th 2014

Well last week was pretty busy i suppose Monday was P-Day then For FHE we did Glow in the dark human fooseball that was sweet! Tuesday we had district meeting and then Wednesday exchanges with Elder Manning... we helped the senior couple in the mission office move (Elder and Sister Bryant) they go home on Friday.. they will be missed :( with that we made a trip to the dump! :) haha then Thursday we had to go to the mission office to pick up planners then run them around the zone so people could weekly plan. we stopped in Okotoks for some taco bell... I got out of the truck and heard a TSSSSSSS...... we had a nice big hole in our tire... sooo iI changed it and possibly ruined a white shirt... no big deal! Still got taco bell and as I ordered a member walked in and payed for us! BLESSINGS!!!  then went to High River to drop the rest of the planners off....   we came up to Okotoks again to do some mission business with the Elders there... fun,  after that ate dinner with our bishop... he gave us half a Costco roasted chicken EACH.. it was pretty sweet! then we had an AWESOME lesson with brody.. it was just amazing.... then Friday we got mail for the Zone and helped build a nice swing set play thing and had an amazing dinner at Earls with one of Elder Bakers old friends from his other zone and had a deep lesson with Quing ...pronounced (Ching) and Saturday was more service! helping the Bryants move some more and then we got the windshield on the truck replaced.. gotta love Alberta roads!!!! had some Lunch in Calgary with our Elders Quorum President at the big cheese and talked about the work.... that was sweet. Then church on Sunday.. was ward conference and today... going back down to sheep river falls! :) Sorry i'm sure I missed some things, but I'm doing great.

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