Monday, September 29, 2014

Elder Martins Email September 29th

This was one of the craziest weeks I think I have had in a long while! Monday was nice. We had a good p-day, then Tuesday we got to hear from Elder Packer's son... Elder Packer haha. That was pretty cool. He talked about how we can further help those converted be an eternal convert. So mainly retention and what not :) Then on Wednesday we had interviews with president. That was cool because Elder Bjarnson and I got to hang out with president all day because we were inspecting all the missionary cars. President took us out to lunch :) He really reminds me of poppy. I'm not gonna lie. After Interviews we ate with our ward mission leader, that was sooo gooooood. We had arrepas. It is a Venezuelan meal. Sooo good! Then we had institute with our RC Kevin and the Returning member Brody, they are both the coolest people I have ever met. Brody's story is quite amazing! Very grateful I was able to meet him :) Then Thursday we helped with a baptism that went all haywire... It was suppose to happen at 3:30. Then the family got in a car accident. Then they rented a car... well an hour and a half later we finally started the baptism! Right after that we had to travel down to High River to pick up all the Car log information. So we got home at like 10! Such a crazy long day. Then on Friday we left to get mail and on the way we got a call to open the church building for a funeral that we were told was canceled. The member at the last second decided to say its on again, so we turned around and unlocked the building. We then proceeded to get mail, on our way back to drop the mail off we got a call from the Elders down in Okotoks to see if we could fill a font for them. So we rushed down to fill the font and didn't leave there until 5:45. We were 20 min. late to dinner. After dinner it was alright we got to teach Brody! Lets see and then Saturday we were on exchanges and I was with Elder Manning. We went back down to Highriver to do some service, ended up building a deck! Its been a while since I've been in work boots for 8 hours! Turned out nice though! :) and finally Sunday we were able to have nice quiet church and break the fast! Now I'm here emailing you on Monday! This week seriously felt like it was go go go go go! INSANE!

To answer your question about this Elder Lloyd.... yes he was AP and yes I know him. I knew him when I first came into the mission. He was training Elder Call. We saw each other every p-day back then and now I'm his zone leader! :) He is no longer AP he is serving in the Cimmaron ward with Elder Sorenson also from Idaho!

P.S I bought a nice light jacket for the winter because the big snow jacket gets to hot sometimes and it works as a good service jacket :)


Building A deck

Downtown Art

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