Monday, September 29, 2014

Elder Martin Email Sept 15

Well this week was interesting..... we had Snow on Wednesday about 6 inches, which caused transfers to be about a good hour behind schedule all day, not to mention the power was out, and the street lights were down.... also about every singly tree snapped branches due to the weight of the snow! And Traffic was HORRIBLE! Oh well, all is well and I'm safe haha. The remainder of the week was pretty slow, Thursday was weekly planning, then Friday we picked up mail and then took it down to Okotoks this time because we had a dinner down there, then Saturday we were back in Okotoks for a zone finding activity, talked to about 20 people in an hour and placed 1 copy of the BofM then we had Church on Sunday and heard the CES broadcast of D. Todd Chirstofferson that was pretty good.... and went shopping today at Costco! yummmmm :)I think I have enough food for a long while now :) and that pretty much sums up this week!

Before Transfers

Zone Before Transfers

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