Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aug 25th email

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,  
But I have promises to keep,  
And miles to go before I sleep,  
And miles to go before I sleep.
                  -Robert Frost
And that promise would be to help invite others to come unto Christ and help them receive the restored gospel.

This week was good... the normal for the most part, walking and talking hah.... Thursday we had a lesson with our new investigator Scott we met from this walking and talking, it was sweet.. taught the Restoration and he has soooo many questions coming from a "real" world perspective so we answered them and cleared up a lot of stuff he said that he was told about the Mormons. He has a very open mind and willing to learn about everything... he says religion isn't super important to him but we will see what the Holy Ghost can teach him! Then we went on exchanges down to high river, it was so crazy to go back a year from the floods and see the town and homes rebuilt that got destroyed! We biked around and offered service for people, it still in the process of being built pretty cool. Saturday the Spanish elders that we live with had a baptism so we went and supported that. The guy getting baptized has a cool story... pretty much met this girl said she wants to marry him but cant cause he isn't Mormon, decided to check it out and found it to be true and was baptized!
We also did some Downtown Calgary street contacting... ran into the typical Drunk native on the train but they were funny.... his brothers were baby sitting him, talked a lot about their beliefs and gave them a Book of Mormon then coming home that night... Saturday night we were waiting for the train and a guy asks Elder Bjarnson "want me to tell you where you can shove that book?" then took it out of his hands and said "bend over" so we snatched the book back from him and sat there and took his remarks and gestures and what not.. i answered back in m usual smart remarks "cool", "right on man" "good for you" "catch ya later" "have a nice day" he just walked away and kept mumbling whatever hah... Sunday church was normal until a kid walked through the door stating that he is re-activating himself so that's sweet! Kevin the recent convert came to church, he is pretty much an active member hahah hes just awesome! :D other than that my week was awesome!

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