Monday, September 29, 2014

Elder Martin Email September 22nd

well this week was alright.... Tuesday we went to visit the DR because I had this lump growing our of the center of my forehead and the doc said it was a oil gland cyst, so he sliced me open drained it and put me on an antibiotic and its all gone now! :D then on Wed, Thurs, Fri, we taught Brody and Kevin in the middle of our planning and mail getting for the zone.... on Wednesday in downtown I picked up some pretty sweet chopsticks haha I don't know why I did, I guess after serving with to old mandarin missionaries that went English speaking it rubbed off on me :) and on Saturday we had this awesome food drive!! it was a ton of fun, we unloaded so much food! filled up 3 semi trailers! :D and then Sunday came about and we went to church... got a whole new bishopric..... crazy! its going to be an exciting next month.... also hey check it, my birthday this year is on thanksgiving! :D(Wrong Elder Martin) well that was my week in a nut shell sorry its not super exciting.... but I love you all! thanks for all the support you give me :) 

Food Drive

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