Monday, September 29, 2014

Elder Martin Email September 9th

well I don't know if its a late snowfall or early snowfall but whatever it is, its back and its only September! SO this week was pretty much surrounded by hanging out with our recent convert Kevin and our less active Brody.... so Monday through Wednesday was normal and then Thursday we went to McMahon Stadium! and got to walk out on the field and what not... that's where the Calgary Stampede  CFL team plays! all of the YSA in Calgary were invited.... there was a good turn out. Then on  Friday there was a missionary who needed to go to the Health Clinic... They were pretty ill, and so we helped them out with that... that was exciting sitting there for 3 hours hah, but then on Saturday we met with Kevin for a lesson on the Plan of Salvation,I gave him the simplified card mom gave me by the way and he loved it! and thanks for sending the package! :D We then had dinner with Kevin, Qing (another Recent Convert) Daniel (our Ward Mission Leader) and the sisters.... we made home made corn dogs! sooo gooooood and home made Greek salad with home made dressing.... Kevin and Daniel are AMAZING cooks! so after we ate we went to a Corn Maze with them and just had a great night!  Sunday was church, we had a yummy break the fast and then had another break the fast with the Spanish Elders... so, much, food! still weigh only 193.......  then Monday was exciting.... Went to Chili's for lunch, I FOUND ONE! haha it was sooo good, brought back some nice memories. Then it snowed..... yaaaay haha and now its TRANSFER TUESDAY! Elder Bjarnson and I are both staying for this next transfer, and this transfer is only 5 weeks crazy! sooo that was my week!


Break the fast YSA Ward

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