Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Check this Monster out.....

sooo.....this week was a little less exciting, the usual this week some tracting and no such luck :( and then Wednesday we went to downtown Calgary to street contact, ended up talking with a man for about 5 blocks, we walked and talked about the world today and life he asked if i was on a mission and then was like what do you do, so i told him asked where im from i said San Diego, turns out he's actually been there! loved all the Naval and Military stuff, talked more about that then asked if he had tried doing his family history and he could find out where some of his ancestors in the war came from and background info on them then gave him a BofM so that was cool :) not much on Thursday then Friday i got my Easter package from smalls filled with all sorts of yummy candy haha and when we were at the mission office we went to the distribution center to go get some ensigns wellllll i saw the new addition of the scriptures and i really like the Small tiny ones with the snap on the front soooo i bought those haha. they are AWESOME so small and compact its great. then Saturday and Sunday were normal haha.

soooo today for pday were having a BBQ at my old house in Airdrie, haha its kinda of a last hooray before Elder Nelsen (my companion) goes home next week. its been a fun transfer though, I'm now wondering who I will be getting next haha! 

much love your kiddo Elder Martin

Elder Martin in a graffitied tunnel 

check this monster out... its a deep fried hot dog with bacon, grilled onions, hot peppers, mayo,ketchup,mustard, cheese, chili, and a fried egg! mmm sooooo good! 

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