Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Post Easter April 22

sooo.... this week was good, Easter ya know? for starters it was weird seeing Easter from a missionaries perspective, it was cool. So Monday was Pday played some ball and all that then we had a lesson with the Tuckers who are a part member family, we are teaching their daughter Haley who is 9 who will be getting baptized on may 3rd! :) 

then Tuesday we taught the Barrons, her BF wants to get baptized and her son does as well, but Terry (BF) has some more learning to do and same goes for Darrion. Those two lessons went great.... then on Wednesday was Elder Nelsen's Bday and we got to spend it street contacting in downtown!! yes.... like the heart of Calgary downtown. it was pretty cool, been a while since I've been in a city haha.... it seemed smaller then SD though..... we ate at this place called the big cheese, its a poutine place :) mmm so good,I had the Philly cheese steak poutine! So back to the contacting, sadly nothing came from it :( people are always to busy and just ignore you!. Thursday we planned for next week and did more tracting. and nada once again :( Friday a huge snow storm came in and made things very hard... it took us 2 hours to get into Calgary to pick up mail.... then drive back... it was pretty sketch but kinda fun at the same time.... :) then it cleared up kinda and went tracting again and still nothing.... but Saturday we went to a baptism for the other missionaries and that was cool her name was Kyla shes 19.... Sunday went to the new ward... wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be... haha but still cool to see people from 3rd ward there. after church we went to Bishop Mulhollands house where we had Easter dinner... his whole family was there, kinda reminded me of our house, tons of food, and laughter and kids running around and playing! :) and then back to Monday for Pday and then today we just got done with District Meetings :) sooo that's my week! 

Elder Nelsen and Elder Martin

Elder Nelsen and Elder Martin

On the way to Calgary to do some street Contacting

Contacting in Calgary

Elder Martin and Elder Nelsen at members home

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