Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hayley's Baptism .......

I'm sorry to let ya know I don't have a new companion as of yet... and I won't until tomorrow ha ha... as for mothers day haven't scheduled a place yet only because Elder Nelsen has been getting ready to go home..... so it hasn't been on the priority list lets say..... not to worry ha ha.

sooo this week went well, Monday was pday then Tuesday we met with an awesome less active and had a cool lesson with him on the importance of Church attendance, said he would come but then got really ill apparently :(  then on Wednesday we went downtown again and elder Nelsen also met with the Employment office to help him get ready for home, then  Thursday we had Elder Nelsen's last language training meeting seeing how he was a mandarin missionary at one point ha ha, that was odd I felt way left out and didn't understand anything obviously lol, then Friday was mission leadership council, where we talked about how the mission is doing with the new Standards of Excellence.  SATURDAY! started off great, got to go to the Calgary Temple, was beautiful! all the detail in it, Celestial room was pretty small surprisingly, but still gorgeous. (San Diego is still my fave) THEN!!! Hayley Tucker got baptized! :) it was way sweet and awesome. When she got out of the water her uncle picked her up and hugged her and she squealed "yea  I finally did it!" now you have to know that the last 2 times she went to do it she was to shy and nervous and scared to follow through with it.... she is the most timid shy little thing I've ever seen, you ask her a question like who is our prophet today and she breaks down crying because shes to scared to answer. its pretty funny but also tried Elder Nelsen's and my patience when we were teaching her ha ha. Sunday came along and found out we were covering both the new Sierra Springs Ward and Luxstone Ward sooo yea ha ha....I get almost all of the old Airdire 3rd ward back :)

Monday we went back to downtown seeing how we wont be going tomorrow, ran into "down town Joe" some crazy homeless man who was pretty funny, when we left he said "your looking sober and I like that! you two are looking sharp" ha ha he was awesome, other than that not a whole lot of success people are still to busy for the gospel :( but that was my week in a nutshell! :)

This is the Tucker family and Hayley... the dads not a member and now were trying to work with him! :)


 member's home who is an engineer and likes legos, this is an ak74-U he build! it shoots lego bricks!.. pretty cool

had some delicious red curry... got it hot level 4 out of the 5 levels they have! :) it was pretty good needless to say! :D nothing like a good ol fashioned root beer to wash it down...

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