Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rock Picking.....

Well today we started off with district meeting then went to an acreage and "picked rock" literally that's what we did ha ha, picked big rocks so that the equipment doesn't get damaged when going through there..... It was for a English lady, pretty good rock picker now.

  SO this week wasn't super busy, just ya know 5 referrals.... then met with a new investigator in the Sierra Springs ward, invited her to Baptism and got rejected ha ha but that's alright, then picked up 2 new investigators... one tracting he's Muslim and name is Makdar were meeting with him this Friday! :) then the other names Mark a friend of Warden Burt (a member) he was at church the past 2 weeks so we decided to see if he wanted to meet.... and he did! :) so hopefully we will be getting him taught soon :) he is way awesome and were already friends because he is always at dinner with the Burt's when we are there. Then 3rd ward passed off an investigator to us who is getting baptized this Saturday..... so its "ours" lol but I'm not taking credit for that :P other than that..... the Tucker Family is doing good.... weren't at church this week they were sick but Conner the oldest son (15) was. he said they are sick but I decided to come.... he is awesome, going to make a stellar missionary! but in all honesty that's pretty much what has happened... we have several appointments this week but that's with some less active families and our new gator that I already told ya about! :) love ya lots! 

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