Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hump Day!!

WELL!!!! for starters last week after P-day we went to the Trims and did some Service, helping them Remodel the kitchen...... that was fun, got to use some jack-hammers and what not!!!! then on Tuesday, was when I emailed and said I picked rock out in the field..... that was some good fun ha ha, then went to downtown on Wednesday ran in to a "basher" who knew nothing.....pretty sad really.  We Had Dinner with the Bunnages, they are sweet... family of just about all boys and 1 girl Ha, we had salsa chicken. The family  also have two bearded dragons, a Iguana and some cave lizard thingy........

And  then THURSDAY!!!! welllll it was HALF WAY Day!! didn't do anything cool ha ha, just did weekly planning and stop by's, and had a lesson with A---- and C------, C------ was an investigator but we dropped her because she has ZERO desire to do anything..... asked her to baptism and church and she laughed and pretty much was like "yea that's funny, probably not going to happen" BUT A----- her boyfriend is super awesome!!! been less active served his mission in San Jose and has desire to come back to church to baptize his kid and get married! :) sooo were still going to work with him on that! then Friday came along and we went to Seminary and made Waffles for Sis. Wenzles class, (I knew her last time I was here, her husband was the WML) then we went to pick up mail, and sadly didn't have any :(  and after that we did a baptism interview well elder Shaw did because this girl was getting baptized into our ward but was taught by other missionaries.... long story haha .......Then we went out to Nate Martins (dude we live with) and burned a shirt for my one year! its missionary tradition hahah that was fun! :) Then Saturday we had that Baptism for Alysha Olson, which we brought our new investigator MARK to (warden burts friend, hes a member) then had a lesson with him afterwards.... talked about what he wants and it was a stellar lesson then put him on Date for June 7th and he said yes! But now we cant because he didn't go to church yesterday lol... but that's OK were still working with him and he said he wants to be baptized, Both of his Parents are passed away, Dad died in a car crash when he was 2 days old and his Mom passed from Cancer when he was 3, and then his older sister was in a major car crash and now suffers from some Brain Damage, and the Kid has an awesome attitude! literally he just glows it seems...... Later we has some more service, worked on a Garage and Installed the Trim and Siding. and after that we had a "guess who's coming to Dessert" ward event so we went to the Obers house... (knew them last year) and Chris is a Game player and his wife plays with him, like W.O.W and Diablo and stuff! sooooo  it was awesome! and then church was Yesterday! so that was my week in a nutshell! :) I am  supper happy, and now on a downhill slide!

Bunnages Family pets

Brother Martins Home for the Shirt burning.


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