Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Elder Martin email June 2nd

Alrighty well this week was pretty full of events... so i feel like it started on Wednesday when our Zone went to downtown Calgary to do some contacting,  Elder Shaw and I were going to try a new place to eat called "Joeys" is seafood so we looked it up on my GPS and when we got off the Train we headed that way, (totally opposite direction we normally go to eat) so were walking to 5th Ave and we finally come to the building and its not there (I need to update my GPS haha) so were slightly annoyed and decide to start walking to our appointment we have at this Shwarma place were thus dude wanted to know why we have the only "true" religion as he puts it, so we start walking when all of a sudden this man stops us and Points to our name Tags and says I'm one of you. so Elder Shaw and I were puzzled because this was a Black man with a very thick accent... tells us his name is Jean from Tanzania, then he says "I was baptized in 2005" so we start talking to him and he tells us his story, so he was baptized in 2005 and that day was his 1st day in Canada, it was starting to rain and he says "elders can you help me find a place to stay where I can get on my feet, I came here with nothing but my backpack and clothes on my back" SO! I took him to Tim Hortons and got him a hot chocolate (he looked cold and wet) then we called the Mission Office to find the Address to the Drop in Center got that all set up for him and i couldn't help to ask him is he needed any money, he humbly said "Elder like I said I have nothing, anything you can do for me will help" wellllll I thought  mom would do the exact same thing! so I went to the bank withdrew 60$ and handed it to him with our phone number and told him to keep in contact with us. the next day he called us to say he made it to the drop in center ok and got a place to stay, and just yesterday he said he just got a job out in brooks! I dont know about you guys but that was no mere chance we ran across Jean.... for some odd reason we wanted sea food that day.... and I will be honest, Canada doesn't have good sea food haha. BUT it was so awesome!!! 

So Thursday rolls around that was a pretty normal day, nothing super happened, Friday was normal then we went to meet with the new investigator we picked up 2 weeks ago, he didn't let us in and said hes read about 1/4 of the BofM and just talked to us on the front porch, so were like well there has to be someone were suppose to meet on this street so we start knocking doors.... when we get to this one and no answer then 2 kids on bikes ride up and there like 10 and just start talking to us, one asks "are you christian" and were like yea... then hes like "but aren't you guys mormon" haha so we talked with them about their day and such then the house we just knocked and we were standing outside of, garage door opened and then the car pulled in and it was this kid about 17, we start talking to him and ended up picking him up as a new investigator as well! then one of the kids on a bike (who stayed through all this discussion) asks us "do you think we will live again? like get another body, because I asked my mom that and she doesn't know" so we explained that and gave them both our card and they said they would go talk to their parents. Now i don't know if they actually did but hey, everyone gets to hear the gospel no matter how small! :)

Saturday went over well... moved people for like 6 hours! then we went to Adult Conference,  at the end I was talking to Dillon Roush (knew him when i was here last) he is a YSA kid and has been wondering if he should go on a mission, well he finally put in his papers and got his call... annnnnddd hes going to CARLSBAD CALIFORNIA!!!!! I seriously flipped out when I heard that and was so excited for him, so when i get home i'm going to have to take a trip and go bother him up in Carlsbad! 

Now comes Sunday... went to the Canada wide broadcast by President Eyring and Elder Holland that was pretty sweet, threw down on investigators getting baptized and kids at home needing to man up and leave things behind to go serve a mission, that talk was based off of a Family/Son in Taber that i swear i met haha, just cant remember them.... im sure you can find it on LDS.org you should go look up that Conference it was good :) Then we met at the Hudsons to teach one of their kids friends who is interested about the church and where it came from, we taught Lesson 1 and he seemed pretty interested and told us now all he has to do is see if its true for himself, sooo alll in all a geat week! :)

 annnnd now back to normal monday for Pday, were headed out to Drumheller today! :)

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