Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Elder Martin is Training a new Elder and being transferred to a new area

Elder Martin was able to email us some things about this transfer, but he still has no clue where he is going.... He was sad to be leaving the Airdrie 3rd Ward, he felt things were really picking up and he loved the Members of the ward, so it was kind of a blow to him that he was leaving his first area, I am sure he will keep doing well if he keeps being obedient and turns to Heavenly Father for guidance for himself and his companion in a new area.

Elder Martin wrote:

"I am very anxious to be going to the new area, and train, all I know right now is that I will be going down to the south, I will email you more as soon as I can about where, and who my comp is, Thank you mom and dad for all of your support and good words you have to say and faith that you have in me, I had a pretty long prayer last night pretty much stating to my father and heaven that you know how I feel so please just give me the strength and ability to be able to serve you while I train my new companion as best I can, and just a warm feeling of love over came me and I was more at peace with this whole scenario."

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