Monday, August 12, 2013

Classic Elder Martin

Classic Car Show in Airdrie that Elder Martin came across

Elder Martin does like the classics

So this week was pretty sweet started with exchanges from Tuesday till Thursday morning with Elder Young. We managed to get a few less active member lessons taught but still non really committed to anything which is sad. Then Elder Miner and I on Thursday after we exchanged back went out to Acme to check up older potential investigators and turns out one had moved, but the lady who was in replace of her was nice, she didn't open the door all the way at first just a small little crack, then as we began to ask questions about her and how shes been doing and religion in her life she started to open the door a little more, as we departed she said that next time were in town to stop by and see if we could come in. That was nice to hear because is wasn't a NO! haha.

On Saturday We went out to irricana unfortunately no luck on doors, BUT as we were leaving on our way home we noticed a group of people unloading and loading some trucks and we stopped and asked if they need help, they were sooo relieved and said they would love help. we finished up there and ended up talking to a gentleman there whose brother converted 40 some odd years ago to his wife and their kids have served full time missions. it was pretty awesome to hear someone who wasn't Mormon support and understand and Respect what we do as missionaries. made me smile.  But this week all in all was pretty solid, just need to get Our investigator Ryan back on schedule with his new work and get in and our newer investigator Michelle gets back from Vacation this week so thats going to be exciting!

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