Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Wellll.... mom and dad i'm being transferred back up to Calgary somewhere! I'm alright with that, so I will find out exactly where and who my Companion is tomorrow, be surrounded by more missionaries instead of being out here.... way in Taber! :) I will get to know some of the mission more!

So this week we have meet with Kody 3 times, taught him about Book of Mormon and importance of baptism, The restoration, and Plan of salvation! he is just soaking it up with a sponge! His baptism is set for Feb 22! i'm a little bummed i'm gone but that's alright! :) so that's what our week consisted of! :)

I also went on an exchange with Elder King (going home this transfer) we went into Lethbridge, and he was asked by President to go to the LDS employment center to learn some things like how to apply all what you learned on your mission back into life at home and how to get a job, that was interesting...... haha but still cool :) then we went to Fat Burger, and I got the XXL burger! 1lbs of beef! and then all the condiments :) SOOOO good!!! Nice treat... 

We went to Barnwell and also talked with The Olsons... they are an awesome family, Brendan was a convert he's only 15 but is awesome, i've actually gotten to grow a relationship with that family over the past 6 months, defiantly a family I will be visiting and staying in touch with throughout my life :) other than that things are GREAT! a little chilly today -18 so our language like -1 haha but it warmed up significantly from last week :) Im sad Elder king is leaving, but he is off to home to start life! he will also be kept in touch with! :) Elder Ciminski is praying he gets another cool companion, he said who can hopefully handle putting him on the plane haha....  But I'm doing fantastic! sounds like all is well there as well! :) tell Calvin Gratz, and Traci hiiii! :) and Derek and Davis whats uppppp!!!! and that we can have matching cool scars :) 

Elder Ciminski And I

Same as above

Elder King and I in Lethbridge at Fat Burger before he heads home this Transfer

Its all good.....

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