Wednesday, February 5, 2014

District shoveling extravaganza in Taber

wow  and that's awesome that they are already talking about a mission... and at 18! (Derek & Davis) umm we just finished studying in PMG last month about Christ like attributes, I prefer Hope, Charity and love, and Knowledge :)
No idea when were getting IPads because of Canadas privacy rules... so I have no idea on the rules yet.

soooo this week we picked up another new investigator, he just walked up to us after church and said I want to learn what it will take to get baptized! :) his name is Cody ______ who is 11, and his mom is  getting active in the church again.... so that was awesome! :) were teaching him on Thursday night :) then we got a call from a member in 1st ward in Taber saying he has 2 people who are interested in learning the gospel.... so whats what we are going to do tonight! is going out to meet them! :) ( Elder Martin said the work is really starting to pick up but he feels like with transfers next week he might be leaving Taber)

We also went on a district shoveling extravaganza in Taber! :) just hit a ton of streets lol then went to Tim Hortons (pretty much the star bucks up here) mmm white hot chocolate haha or normal with a shot of creamy caramel! :) ummm I don't know what else happened haha if I think of it i shall let ya know! :) I have really enjoyed this last transfer.... 

Elder Martins Colors

this is the District with the a Zone leader on a 3 leg and an exchange.... the one on Ciminski is Elder Call... im on Elder Heath and then the other one is Elder Harris. 

Our Taber District....I'm the one probably leaving this Transfer

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