Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Calgary South serving in the Willow Park Ward!!!

I am in Calgary South serving in the Willow Park Ward, and yes that is the ward that President is in! its awesome!!! I have a car with only 500 Kilometers to drive on it though, but that's ok.... it use to be 300 until I talked with President :)    (negotiating with the President, that is definitely Elder Martin)  My new Companion is still new, he's been out 3 months and his names Elder Nilsson he's from Nova Scotia and is very quiet... and very timid but no worries I'm used to having those, He will do great.  Its a pretty dead Area because we share it with the sisters and well the ward likes the Sisters more than Elders so we are going to have to instill some amazing member trust here, so it looks like I have my work cut out for me! I am still district leader and in all honesty I think president put me in here because the ward needs a charismatic missionary haha......(still needs to learn some humility it seems....). We live on our own with payment of like 5 buck for wash and dry cycle its retarded expensive, the Spanish elders live 2 floors above us we have a little work out facility but nothing amazingly awesome... it smells like a smokes heaven on our hall but in the pad its pretty nice :) I drive a Chevy Cruze as well its pretty nice... front wheel drive though :( but this area should be pretty fun! :) In my District I have the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders...... so we will see how that goes.
Elder Ciminski And I before I Transfer from Taber

Elder King and I before he heads home

Elder Nilsson And Elder Martin I think

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